Orchid Garden Campus ( Beijing )

Ivy Schools' vision, with a focus on the Multiple Intelligences theory as a tool, strives to develop the full potential of children in a dynamic, play-based and supportive environment using current research-based practices.

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Orchid Garden Campus

Orchid Garden Campus is an Ivy Education Group School, opened in 2008.

Orchid Garden Campus

Orchid Garden Campus is Ivy Bilingual School program of Ivy Education Group,offers a curriculum based on the MI theory and provides a bilingual immersion program, where both Chinese and Western teachers interact with children throughout the day.

Orchid Garden Campus

Orchid Garden Campus Conveniently located along the Jingshun Road in Beijing, provides a quality bilingual program for children.

Orchid Garden Campus

Orchid Garden Campus has been striving to provide quality education since 2008. Orchid Garden Campus houses 6 classrooms and features a large multi-purpose room, a children’s library, and a child-friendly and fully-equipped playground.

Orchid Garden Campus

Orchid Garden Campus

Orchid Garden Campus

Orchid Garden Campus


  • Judy Zhao is the Office Manager at Orchid Garden Campus. She has worked at Ivy Bilingual School Orchid Garden Campus from 2008 to 2011 and prior three years of work experience in administration. She is a responsible person and is familiar with administrative duties on campus. In her spare time, she likes to read, travel and listen to music. Ms. Zhao graduated from Beijing Huijia Vocational College majoring in Business English.

    Judy Zhao (赵丽佳)
  • Wendy Wen is the office assistant. She joined us in 2009. Before joining Ivy, she previously worked at a famous English training center as administration. In her spear time, she likes reading, watching movies and cooking. Wendy Wen graduated from China Women’s University, majored in English and earned bachelor degree.

    Wendy Wen (温晓惠)
  • Kina Guo is the Campus Director of Ivy Bilingual School Orchid Garden Campus. Kina has had a vast experience in both education and management. She has more than 10 years of experience working in kindergartens throughout Beijing and enjoys working with children of all age groups. In regards to management style, she believes that high quality of campus management and humanistic-driven staff management, are key elements to meeting the demands of different families and society. In her spare time, Kina enjoys reading and traveling. Ms. Guo obtained her degree from Beijing Chaoyang Normal University and majored in Preschool Education Management.

    Kina Guo (郭旭)
  • Shurong Zhang is the School Nurse at Orchid Garden Campus. She joined Ivy more than five years ago. Previously, she worked as a preschool teacher at a public kindergarten, as well as a school administrator at a private kindergarten. In total, Shurong has over thirty years of work experience in preschools. In her spare time, Shurong enjoys traveling and making new friends.

    Shurong Zhang (张淑荣)
  • Ying Wang is the Chinese Lead Teacher of our Nursery class. She is an experienced pre-school teacher. Previously, she used to be the lead teacher and head of the teaching research group at other bilingual Kindergarten. It is her greatest passion to love and educate children. Ms. Wang graduated from Beijing Normal University. She has also received first class teacher qualification, which is the highest possible honor for teachers.

    Ying Wang (王缨)
  • Aiyuan Nong is the Care Giver of our Pre-K1B class. She joined Ivy nearly five years ago and has a strong passion for her job as a caregiver. In her spare time, she likes to improve her professional knowledge and become a better Care Giver.

    Aiyuan Nong (农爱元)
  • Rashidah Aziz (Ako) is the English Lead Teacher of our Nursery class. She has received Multiple Intelligences Certificate from MI Institute. She has been teaching in preschools in Singapore for the past 4 years. Previously, she had worked for the children's education department the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore. During that period, she worked with children who had learning and behavioral disorders. Ako loves music and is a big fan of Doctor Who. Ms. Aziz received her diploma in Early Childhood Education in Singapore.

    Rashidah Aziz
  • Xiaojiao Li is the Care Giver of our Pre-K2 class. She has many years of expereince as a Care Giver. It is her mission to take the best care of every child in the classroom.

    Xiaojiao Li (李晓娇)
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