Daystar Beigao ( Beijing )

Daystar Academy strives to educate the whole child and in doing so is strategic in embedding not only academic outcomes into the curriculum that address both Chinese and English, but also character education and 21st century learning outcomes as well.


Application Form

This is the online application page for Daystar Academy's Beigao Campus (Main Campus) only. Should you wish to submit your online application for our Daystar Sanlitun campus, please click here. Thank you!

Student Information

School History

School Name City Country Dates Attended Grade Curriculum Instruction Language
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Sibling Information

Name Age Gender Current School Grade
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Parent Information

Other Information

1. Interests Talents Does your child have any interests or talents? If yes, please provide what courses the child has been attended? How many hours does your child spend on it very week and for how many years? If the child has gained any awards.

2. Learning Disorders Has your child been diagnosed or screened for any specific learning disorders, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, or autism?

3. Physical Problems Does your child have any specific physical disabilities or other problems that may make it difficult to fully participate in all school activities?

Attachment upload and download

1. Child's photo (2-inch size in blue background, < 5M)

2. Progress reports (< 5M)
a. For CASA applicants, please upload your child’s most updated progress reports or personal statement.
b. For kindergarten to G2 applicants, please upload your child’s progress reports for the last school year.
c. For G3 and above applicants, please upload your child’s progress reports for the last two years.


3. ID Information (individual file less than 5M)

For Chinese students: please upload the student’s and parents’ Hukouben first page, head of household’s page, parents and the student’s personal pages.

For foreign students, please upload the student’s and parents’ first pages of passport, visa pages, residence permits, exit-entry permits and residence registration forms.

4. Teacher Recommendation Letter (this letter will be used as the important reference material).
Note: Please download the template and forward it to the homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher will fill in the form and send it to the Admissions Office via email: Admissions-DS@daystarchina.cn

Recommendation Form (Kindergarten/ES/MS) ↓ Recommendation Form (Montessori Program) ↓

Only China mainland mobile numbers apply. Please send emails if you are using international numbers.