Daystar Sanlitun ( Beijing )

Daystar Academy strives to educate the whole child and in doing so is strategic in embedding not only academic outcomes into the curriculum that address both Chinese and English, but also character education and 21st century learning outcomes as well.


Application Procedure

Apply Online 2
Interview 3
Interviews can be arranged from February to June. We will call and confirm the exact date and time before the specified time.
Acceptance 4
Students who successfully pass the interview will receive the admissions notice within one or two weeks.
Pay tuition fee 5
For all accepted students, placement will be guaranteed upon full receipt of the tuition fee. If no payment is received by the due date and there is a waiting list for your child's class, then placement of your child/ren will be given to waitlisted students.
Registration 6
Formally enrolled students will receive information about the school bus, uniforms etc before the end of June via email. Please follow the directions to complete enrollment.