Daystar Sanlitun (Aug.'17) ( Beijing )

Daystar Academy strives to educate the whole child and in doing so is strategic in embedding not only academic outcomes into the curriculum that address both Chinese and English, but also character education and 21st century learning outcomes as well.


Our Leadership

Daystar Academy boasts a seasoned team of top administrators committed in providing the best curriculum, content, environment, and experience for your child's educational journey. With key K-12 positions in our management group, a PYP and MYP coordinator, and principals in all of our programs from Toddler & Casa to High School, your child's road map to becoming an independent, principled, balanced, inquisitive, and compassionate individual is assured.

As an immersion bilingual school, Daystar also boasts a primarily bilingual leadership, spearheaded by our Head of School Ms. Elizabeth Hardage. She was also one of the founding administrators of Washington Yu Ying Public School, one of the top Chinese language immersion school in the United States. With decades of experience combined, you can place your trust in Daystar's leaders.